By LISA ZHANG | 05 May 2023 | 0 Comments

Discover the Most Natural Hairline with a Full French Lace Hair System

Our full French lace hair systems provide the most natural-looking hair replacement solutions possible. Made from 100% hand-tied human hair and undetectable lace, these premium units deliver a completely seamless hairline and tailored style options for every need.
A full French lace base made of delicate Swiss lace or French lace extends across the entire hair system, including the hairline, crown and sides. Hand-tied hair strands are individually knotted into the lace to provide multi-directional hair movement and the most natural fall possible. The lace base fully molds to the shape of your head for unparalleled comfort, breathability and a barely there feel.
Fully Customizable - Choose a lace material (Swiss lace or French lace), hair style (straight, wavy or curly), length, density, color and highlights. Provide us with head measurements and hair type preferences for a one-of-a-kind solution created just for you.
Most Natural Hairline - The full lace base allows hair strands to be hand-tied exposed at the hairline, creating the most natural forehead frame possible with your own sideburns, baby hairs and natural hairline. No base material is visible at the hairline or sides.
Unlimited Styling Versatility - Enjoy all the styling freedom of natural hair. Style a full French lace unit just as you would your own natural hair - wash, color, cut, blow out, flat iron, spike up with gel or wax products and brush/comb in all directions.
Superior Comfort & Breathability - The lightweight lace base material provides maximum breathability and scalp comfort for 24-hour wear. The lace fully contours to your head shape with adjustable straps for the most secure yet comfortable fit possible.
Experience natural hair that looks and feels completely authentic with a French full lace hair system. Call or book an online consultation today to get started designing your most seamless hair solution. Natural hair, styled your way!

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